Getting Ready For The Florida Georgia Line Concert

by Mackenzie Stasko on August 15, 2013 at 10:16 am

The sold out show takes months to plan and the Secretary of the Muskingum County Fair Doug Guinsler, says booking a big act is a long process.

"We start late October, early November. We meet with, we’re very fortunate in this city to have a guy named George and Variety Attractions. We sit down with him and start going through names," said Guinsler. "A lot of times we’ll pick three or four names until we hit on one that can appear at our fair."

Set up for the concert started Wednesday night after the bull riding competition. Guinsler says it takes the help of more than 50 workers, volunteers and stage hands to make sure set up goes smoothly.

"We’re using a new, modern stage this year and we began yesterday at 11 o’clock on Wednesday setting it up and then this morning. It’ll take four or five more hours today to get all the chairs up and all the other extra things that need to be done here today."

The concert starts at 8 o’clock on Thursday.