Health Department Inspects Food at the Fair

by Courtney Wheaton on August 12, 2013 at 8:21 am

From funnel cakes to chicken dinners, the Zanesville Muskiingum County Health Department is making sure all the food at the Muskingum County Fair is safe for consumption.

"There were six sanitarians from the health department at the fair on Monday. Each of them make their rounds, ensuring that every food booth is in compliance with the health department’s food codes.

"While we are conducting inspections here at the fair one of our primary things we are concerned about its temperatures, we want to make sure food is held and cooked to proper temperatures to reduce the chance a food born illness outbreak at the fair," said Sanitarian, Jason Tilton.

For refrigeration, temperatures should never exceed 41 degrees and for warming the temperature must reach at least 135 degrees . At the fair you will notice that many of the booths have the temperatures posted. Inspectors also look for sanitary practices , especially clean hands.

"The reason why hand washing is one of the things we are checking for is whenever there is a food illness outbreak, hand washing could be contributing factor, " said Tilton.

Tilton says that if a food vendor is not up to code that the department takes the right measures to make sure that the issues are fixed.