Health Department Urges HPV Vaccinations

by Mackenzie Stasko on August 7, 2013 at 7:17 am

On Wednesday, the Muskingum County Health Department invited pediatricians, OB/GYN, nurses and oncologists to come up with ideas to increase immunization rates for HPV in Muskingum County.

"The CDC has reported that the number one reasons parents aren’t vaccinating their kids is because providers aren’t’ recommending it. And it needs to be recommended just like other immunizations," said Jamie Heinzman, BSN, RN, a public nurse with the Muskingum Co. Health Dept.

Heinzman says most parents don’t know how prevalent the disease is. She says vaccinations are usually studied at least 15 years before it’s introduced to the public and says it’s an easy way to prevent cancer.

"The CDC just put out that HPV is responsible for all anal, and cervical cancers, more than 50 percent of vaginal cancers, vulvar cancers and penal cancers. And it’s accounting for 60 to 70 percent of oral plarinecx cancers which are head and neck cancers. So if we have a vaccine that prevents that many cancers, why wouldn’t we recommend it."

The HPV vaccine is recommended on boys and girls starting at age 12. You can ask your doctor about getting vaccinated, or call the Muskingum County Health Department for information about getting vaccinated there.