Kids Flu Event

by Katie McGraw on August 23, 2013 at 7:47 am

Now that kids are back to school, attention refocuses on the spreading of germs, especially with flu season only weeks away.

In order to keep them healthy, Rambo Memorial Health Center is having a kids flu event Saturday, to vaccinate children before the worst of flu season hits.

"Initially, we were just going to have the mist available, to children between 2 and 18 but we do have some fluzone, it is for children 6 to 36 months, also available now in limited supply," said Executive Director Crystal Bebout.

The vaccination covers three strains of the virus. The mist is a great ouch-less option for your child and it protects from the disease longer than the shot, about 7 months. However, children that have asthma cannot be given the mist.

"The flu mist costs us $22.50 a dose and we are charging five dollars for people in the county because we do have levy and we are supported by tax dollars. So it’s only a five dollar charge for the mist. Out of county, because they don’t support us with taxes, it’s twenty five dollars to receive the mist here."

The event will be at Rambo’s location in downtown at 711 Main Street from 10 to 1 p.m.. and if needed you can park behind Tom’s Print Shop. Consent forms can be found on their website at