Large Variety of Food at the Muskingum County Fair

by Courtney Wheaton on August 12, 2013 at 8:21 am

Some people come to the fair for the rides and games, but many area residents come to enjoy the large variety of food.

The Coburn United Methodist Church is selling meals at the fair this week and they offer plenty of homemade options.

"We do home cooking. We do turkey, we do pork, smoked, and we have a big steak dinner which is very popular with the folks, " said Organizer, Matt Russell.

If visitors are in the mood for something sweeter, volunteers at Coburn Methodist say that they have you covered.

"One of the things people come here for definitely are the homemade pies. We make homemade cream pies with coconut and banana cream and things like that. We also have homemade fruit pies too people definitely like that, " said Russell.

The church says they try to use local distributors for their food including Shirer Brothers and Rittberger for their meat. Volunteers from the church will be working their site all week and encourage you to stop in and eat under the shade.