Local Catholic Schools Start Classes

by Courtney Wheaton on August 19, 2013 at 6:41 am

Monday was the first day of classes for some area schools including Bishop Rosecrans and Bishop Fenwick and students will notice a few changes.

The schools implemented a new program this year that could diversify the student population.

Mrs.Sagan and I have been working the last year to build a K-12 system for the Catholic schools of Zanesville. This year we have been able to add a special population department to work with our students with special learning needs," said Bishop Rosecrans Principal, Jennifer Mallett.

These needs include gifted students, talented students and students who need individualized education. Mallett says that she wants the community to know their doors are open for all.

" Our catholic schools are designed to be all are welcome here so all students are welcome so this is just another service that we can provide our students to make sure anybody looking for a Catholic education can bring their children here, and we can meet the learning needs of the children," said Mallett.

Along with the new department, Rosecrans has traded in their student counsel and will divide the school into four houses who will govern themselves. The houses are named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.