Local Library System Attends Conference

by Courtney Wheaton on August 15, 2013 at 10:29 am

Officials from the Muskingum County Library System were in attendance at a week long boot camp for library associates.

The Public Library Association met in Nashville, Tennessee to discuss the possibility of adding new programs and technology into existing library systems.

"What’s really exciting is there were 71 library associates from 6 states in the District of Columbia and we spoke about innovation and trends world wide not just nationally, and how we might adapt those and implement those in libraries," Said Assistant Director of Muskingum County Library System, Blair Tom.

Internet streaming and interactive opportunities are new forms of technology that were brainstormed during the boot camp. Blair says he hope to try these new ideas without breaking the libraries budget.

"Not looking at additional funds, but reallocating existing funds and resources time, talent, and treasures to make those happen, " said Tom.

Tom says that the sessions were educational and he has made a new network of contacts that will help keep Muskingum County Libraries on the cutting edge of innovation.