Lorena Civil War Reenactment on the Muskingum River

by Courtney Wheaton on August 11, 2013 at 8:58 am

To remember the sacrifice of American soldiers. . .A Civil War Reenactment took place in Zanesville this Weekend.

The year is 1862 and the Civil War is in full effect. Both union and confederate soldiers have fired shots, witnessed casualties and have retreated back to camp. This was the backdrop for a Civil War reenactment and encampment today that took place at Riverside Park. The public watched the action from the Lorena and spoke with president Abe Lincoln and his wife about the state of the union.

"I believe that the United States, the union is most important. It’s an experiment and as far as the number of democracies you can count them on one hand and if we are not able to survive I don’t think democracy can survive either," said Impersonator, Robert Brugler.

Passengers also listened to popular tunes from the Civil War era. One song was written for a local woman.

"Of course Lorena was Martha Ellen Bloxsum who lived here in Zanesville, Ohio. The song originated in Zanesville in 1850 and a poem was written about her in 1856 and became the song Lorena in 1857," said Civil War Historian and Musician, Steve Ball.

Back on land there were hands on activities for the public to try out.

"At today’s Civil War reenactment you get to learn how life would be like as a real soldier.. Including how to load and fire a musket"

"They use a 58 caliber lead ball and when it hits the bone it shatters the bone and the only way to handle that is to cut off the infected part" said Reenactor from the 76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Tom Emig.

Reenactors say most people have no idea how hard the lives of these men were from the wool uniforms, spoiled food and staggering death tolls and that is why they pay tribute to them. This was the first year for the event in Zanesville.