George Hiotis

Mayor To Replace Public Service Director

by George Hiotis on August 21, 2013 at 9:40 am

Zanesville Mayor Jeff Tilton is not happy with his Public Service Director and he is going to do something about.  Tilton says Mike Sims is “not doing what he was told.”  Tilton says Sims has been aware of his dissatisfaction since he took office over a year ago.  He says “I need someone I can work with.”  So the Mayor has set up a committee to find a replacement.  Tilton says he already has 15 resumes on his desk and will continue to accept them until August 31st.  Tilton Sims is due to retire in April of 2014 and its possible – if he does his job – he will be kept on as a Deputy Director, although no decisions have been made.  Sims is not due in his office until later today and was unavailable for comment.   Since taking office Mayor Tilton has also replaced Secrest Auditorium Manager John Kunkle and Budget and Finance Director Dale Raines.