Meth Use on the Rise

by Katie McGraw on August 26, 2013 at 6:41 am

Researchers and authorities in Ohio are reporting there is a huge jump in the number of meth addicts and meth labs being seized.

In all of 2012, 607 labs were seized by police in Ohio. as of the end of June, there have already been 635 labs seized this year. In the past five years, the number has jumped a staggering 467 percent, and there are a couple of reasons why.

"It’s inexpensive, it’s readily available, you can make it yourself, that way you don’t have to get caught with purchasing it,” said Muskingum Behavioral Health CEO, Steve Carrel. “Folks are looking for an alternative to less pure cocaine, they are wanting to get that high, that rush, a really good fast feeling."

Users can now manufacture the addictive drug with The Shake and Bake Method that makes meth within 30 minutes, in any location and for cheap but is incredibly dangerous.

"But The Shake and Bake is a dangerous method, they are all dangerous methods because it is highly flammable, but with The Shake and Bake Method, if it blows up, it usually blows up in the persons face and because it hits the face, they usually inhale a part of the flames and they are injured much worse."

The good news? Addiction is treatable. You just need to seek help and treatment.