Muskingum Co. Coroner Gives Update On Budget & Statistics

by Mackenzie Stasko on August 8, 2013 at 6:40 am

Coroner’s are required by law to determine the cause and manner of death in the county and on Thursday, Muskingum County Coroner, Dr.Charles Feicht gave the the commissioner’s an update on the budget and what’s been going on for the past six and a half months.

"We reported the statistics about the number of homicides and suicides and the number of autopsies that have been performed," said Dr. Feicht. "So all of that impacts the budget."

Feicht also reported that the majority of deaths in Muskingum County are of natural cause; meaning illness and/or old age. He also reported that the projected number of autopsies done this year, which the county is required to pay for, are less than last year, keeping their budget on track. Feicht says an autopsy is required for almost all accidents and unexplained deaths.

"Any death in an individual that natural cause doesn’t fit the description. Suicides most of the time, drug overdoses, homicides always and death in children."

Feicht says his goal is to be transparent with the commissioner’s so he’ll be giving them updates every six months.