ODOT Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Facility

by Courtney Wheaton on August 9, 2013 at 6:36 am

The Ohio Department of Transportation breaks ground on new outpost facility in Muskingum County.

Today, members of ODOT lifted their shovels for the official groundbreaking of a the new outpost in Dresden. The post will replace an existing facility that is now out of date. It will feature more space, more protection, and more accessibility.

"It allows us to maintain our trucks here. It allows us to be able to wash and keep our trucks clean to operate out of here, and we are going to have a new salt dome that has over 2,000 tons of storage. It’s a place the public can come if they have questions or if they are applying for a job, "said ODOT Director, Jerry Wray.

Wray says that the outpost is a 2.3 million dollar investment in this area and it will aid ODOT in doing their job more efficiently by keeping the highways safe.

" It’s a satellite garage if you will for the Ohio Department of Transportation in Muskingum County. We have the people working out of this garage on a regular basis plowing snow, patching holes and doing highway maintenance work," said Wray.

ODOT hopes to be done with construction on the outpost by winter.