Online Schools vs. Traditional Schools

by Mackenzie Stasko on August 20, 2013 at 7:40 am

Provost Academy Ohio had a presentation at John McIntire Library for parents and students who are curious about alternative schooling and why it might be right for them.

"Students who have been unsuccessful in the traditional school. That means we have students from a variety of backgrounds, a variety of settings. We have students who have been athletes and artists," said Executive Director of Provost Academy Ohio, Naim Sanders. "We have students who have overachieved in school and students who have underachieved in school."

Sanders says online schooling offers flexibility and says the school is set up to meet the needs of all students. As for attendance and making sure the students are honest about their homework and tests, Sanders says monitoring them online actually works better than in person.

"Because we’re able to track it online, with every click of a button, with every browsing, we’re able to monitor and assess more closely than a teacher who’s in a classroom of 25 plus kids. "

The school year for Provost Academy Ohio starts September and goes until June. You can go online to to learn more.