Nichole Hannahs

Opening the Door on a New Year

by Nichole Hannahs on August 21, 2013 at 6:50 am

Another year is underway for Zanesville City Schools.

The hallways at Zanesville High School are once again filled with students as they walked through their first day of classes. Part of the day was dedicated to class meetings where students learned what would be expected of them throughout the year.

Five years ago the school also started mentoring groups where freshmen are teamed up with seniors to help them navigate their way through high school.

"They work with answering questions," said Zanesville High School Principal Mark Ulbrich. "They work with helping the freshman go to their lockers, get their lockers open and really help them finding the lay of the building and just the procedures that the teachers are asking of them. It’s really been a nice way to get students acclimated."

For some students returning to classes came easy and there was some things to look forward to.

"Just seeing everyone and have a good time," said Senior Riley McFarland.

"Get a higher GPA and just work hard on my grades," added Junior Ashley Matthews.

Teachers will also have to get used to new state standards for teacher evaluations, student growth measures and a new state report card system.