Rep. Hill Talks State Bill 59

by Mackenzie Stasko on August 13, 2013 at 7:00 am

State Representative Brian Hill is part of a committee working on State Bill 59 throughout the summer months.

"Some of the key points that I like to talk about is $2.7 billion tax cut, state income tax cut for Ohio businesses and individuals," said Rep.  Hill (R). "It’s the largest this state’s ever seen. Other things are education enhancement. There were increases in the education budget this year for the first time in about four years. So ya know, those are good things for eastern Ohio."

Medicaid expansion and sales tax expansion are two things Hill says were not part of the bill, but will be discussed at a later time. He says Medicaid expansion is a big issue that needs to be researched further.

"I believe there will be a bill presented to the governor probably in October when we go back in session probably on how we’re gonna deal with this Medicaid issue for those that are truly working; the working poor. It’s an issue that there’s a problem out there and we need to find a solution to it."

Hill says the agriculture industry in Ohio and Muskingum County will also benefit from SB 59. Their session is expected to resume in mid-September.