Security at the Fair

by Katie McGraw on August 14, 2013 at 8:21 am

The Muskingum County Fairgrounds is a busy place to be during fair week and that means the Sheriff’s Office has several deputies patrolling to maintain a safe yet fun atmosphere.

Sheriff Matt Lutz says, the most common problems his deputies deal with during fair week, are parking issues and fights. Four days in, there have only been minor crimes and disruptions.

"Pretty good, it usually is every year,” said Lutz. “We kicked out one person early on Sunday for trying to start a fight, we got a warrant on an arrest last night and then I think it was Monday night, there was a couple in here, couple of guys, trying to pass counterfeit bills."

Lutz says the pair have been charged with a first degree misdemeanor. The Sheriff also says that his agency works closely with the fire department, the Emergency Management Agency and the Local Emergency Planning Committee in the event of a major problem.

"Well in an environment like this, you are prepared as you can be. I think you just basically have to evaluate every situation that pops up and as I have said in the past, see what you need and then go get it for your people to deal with it."

The Sheriff says to allow extra time if you are coming to the fair because of all the traffic.