Starlight Tigers Celebrate Championship

by Courtney Wheaton on August 30, 2013 at 6:57 am

A division four state championship winning team celebrated this Friday at a school pep rally.

The Starlight Tiger’s basketball team received a warm welcome when they entered the gym. The players went through a tough season this year to come out on top.

"They won some, they lost some, but once we headed to the tournament stages they won every game. We played our area and won the area nine championship," said Recreation Specialist for the Special Olympics, Sandy Drenten.

The team went on to win the East Sectional Championship and eventually played at Ohio State University in March, where they won the state championship. The team was congratulated for all of their hard work with t-shirts, championship rings and screaming fans.

"They feel awesome about doing this. They were so proud. This is one of the highlights, we had a pep rally before we left and that was pretty much a lot of what they talked about the whole weekend," said Drenten.

The Tigers were also given certificates from the county and August 30th is officially deemed Special Olympic Basketball Day in their honor.