The Dickens’ Victorian Village Mannequin Tour

by Courtney Wheaton on August 12, 2013 at 11:11 am

For the past eight years Cambridge has celebrated Christmas in a Victorian style. Every year they recreate Charles Dickens’, A Christmas Carol by featuring life like mannequins throughout their downtown. On Sunday they let the public get a glimpse at how its all done at Dickens’ Universal Warehouse.

" All the mannequins start off with a Styrofoam head, they add a layer of cellu-clay and then after that they paint them and add marbles for the eyes. The whole process seems simple, but it can take over 30 hours to complete. "

That’s just the first step in getting the 168 mannequins ready for their debut. More than 200 volunteers work to complete the project.

"There’s a lot of work that goes into building the body, which is made out of 2 by 4’s and 1 by 2 frames and then we have to collect clothes and dress the mannequins, and stuff the bodies to make them look more real," said Assistant at Dickens’ Victorian Village, Jonett Haberfield.

Haberfield says you will see all types of characters including carolers, shop keepers and even scrooge himself. The whole idea started as way to bring tourist to the Cambridge area.

"If you ask any of the downtown merchants, especially at Christmas time their business has been fantastic since we started this. If you have the chance to come over here in November, December you’ll see for yourself the kind of crowds that are on the street, " said President of Dickens’ Victorian Village, Bob Ley.

Volunteers for the Dickens’ Victorian Village say it’s all worth it when they see the looks on the visitor’s faces each year. One man came from Marietta,Ohio to see how the mannequins were made.

"I went back home after that Christmas trip up here and I was telling everybody I just couldn’t believe the detail and how nice all these costumed characters looked. Some of them look so real you almost want to talk to them," said Tourist, Bryce Goodwin.

If you missed the tour on Sunday, but would like to see the Dickens’ Victorian Village later on this year.. It will open November 1st and run until early January. To sponsor one of the scenes or donate to the village you can visit them at Dickens’ Victorian Village.Com