The John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail Goes Through Ohio

by Courtney Wheaton on August 23, 2013 at 7:48 am

In 1863 Confederate General, John Hunt Morgan led more than 2,000 soldiers across Southern Ohio to distract union troops during the Civil War.

Now the public gets a chance to retrace his steps through the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail. There are almost 600 miles of the trail that pass through southern and eastern Ohio. Throughout the Ohio portion of the journey there are 56 markers that tell visitors historical information about Morgan’s Raid.

"They had a battle scrimmage at Old Washington that most people in this part of the state know about. They are going north through what was countryside now there are two interstates those obviously didn’t exists," said Professor Emerita at Muskingum University, Lorle Porter.

The Ohio Civil War Trail Commission, the Ohio Department of Transportation and Ohio Historical Society all came together to make this historical education tool possible. Ohio Civil War Trail Commission leaders say it’s important to know your history.

"I am a firm believer, if you don’t know you’re history you are going to repeat your mistakes. Society in general, has made mistakes in the past and they don’t know that or recognize it it means they are going to cover the same ground and make the same mistake again," said County Coordinator for the Ohio Civil War Trail Commission, Tom Snyder.

Before traveling on the Morgan Trail you can go online and purchase the Morgan Heritage Trail Guidebook, that provides more detailed events pertaining to the raid including the infamous Clash a Bluffington Island.