George Hiotis

Tri-Valley Faces Unfair Labor Charge

by George Hiotis on August 21, 2013 at 5:19 am

The Tri-Valley School District is starting the new year dealing with an “unfair labor practice charge” filed by a union.  The Ohio Association of Public School Employees Local 351 filed it against Superintendent Mark Neal and Board of Education Members.  The Union, which represents 130 employees of the school district, cited multiple illegal offenses, including regressive bargaining, direct dealing and coercion of employees.  Union field representative Sean Dahl says the union’s contract with the school district expired at the end of July and instead of negotiating, Superintendent Neal walked away from meaningful discussions.  Dahl says Neal talked with individual members with “threats and deal designed to divide workers and weaken solidarity.”  Neal countered that 59 of the union members no longer want to be part of the union and pay dues.  In face he says he got another 19 letters from employees Wednesday asking to be dis-associated with the union.  Neal says it puts the district in the middle of the union and employees.  The union represents the district’s food service workers, educational assistants, mechanics, bus drivers and custodians.