Waffles: The Perfect Dessert!

by Katie McGraw on August 14, 2013 at 8:23 am


Fried food is one of the biggest draws for people to attend the fair and there are plenty of dessert booths for those with a sweet tooth.

One dessert that is popular is sold at the Zanesville Band Boosters Waffle stand.

“It’s a waffle wagon booth, we basically sell waffles to raise money for the band for the various activities that we would be doing,” said Jon Dietz, a Zanesville High School 2012 Graduate. “We are basically trying to pay off the uniform fund right now and then we will also have a Disney trip that is coming up that we need some help with.”

The current uniforms the band wears cost $40,000 two years ago and uniforms need to be replaced every ten years. Jon and his fellow 2012 ZHS graduate, Andrea Malek, say there are a lot of unknown costs to be a part of the band and if you want to help, stop by their tasty stand!

“We always have people coming to our booth saying that they come to the fair every year just to get our waffles because they can’t find anything else like them,” said Malek. “And they are just really delicious.”

One waffle costs $1.25 and a bag of three go for $3.50.