What Would You Do With $400,000,000?

by Katie McGraw on August 5, 2013 at 7:41 am

From cars to travel dreams to world peace, hopeful gamblers began to buy Powerball Lottery tickets at Mother Tucker’s on Sharon Avenue Monday afternoon.
As of Monday, the jackpot is at $400,000,000 and a few wishful players shared what they would if they won the massive lottery.

"Travel the United States,” said Jon Wood. “Just travel. There are a lot of places that I haven’t been. I have been to Pennsylvania, I have been to Kentucky, but there are a lot of places that I would love to go."

"I would probably get like a camouflage Lamborghini.” said Derek Sears. “Probably buy a lot of cars and go on vacation permanently. That would be the end result and take care of my old man over there."

"400,000 million?” asked Mike Jones. “Wow, with four hundred million I’d give 400 hundred million people 1 dollar each. Create world peace."

As for Jessica Grant, winning the Powerball could mean new legs for her husband, who was tragically paralyzed in an accident.

“It was a long time ago,” said Grant. “But they have got all types of technology out there to help people these days ,so I would like to be able to bring some of that to Zanesville. Something to help the people. Kind of like what they are doing at the Fieldhouse.”

Mother Tuckers owner, Jim Pitcock says he expects more customers over the next few days and since California began to offer the popular lotto this past April, there are millions of more players, which will likely increase the payout by Wednesday’s drawing.