Yard Sale Proceeds Benefit Students

by Mackenzie Stasko on August 2, 2013 at 11:18 am

Foxfire School held its annual yard sale Friday afternoon in the gym. Students, parents and teachers all came out to help.

"We use all the proceeds that we get from the yard sale annually for our children’s and adults clothes closet," said Nadine Curry, a substance abuse counselor at the school. "We have it for our infants on up through family members, adults and whoever needs clothes throughout the school year and throughout the summer even."

Curry says since Foxfire is one of the smaller schools in the community, they usually raise just about $200 from the yard sale. This is the first year Jeffery Spencer, a student at Foxfire, volunteered at the yard sale by setting up and selling snacks.

"We helped the lady standing here behind here sell scarves and stuff," said Spencer. "And we didn’t have much stuff to sell, we didn’t do some sales until 10 or something like that. But, whatever did happen, it counted."

Foxfire is an alternative school and currently accepts students from Muskingum and surrounding counties in grades 1-12.