Zanesville Daybreak Rotary Club Receives Visit from District Governor

by Katie McGraw on August 7, 2013 at 10:56 am

Once a year, the 59 rotary clubs in southeastern Ohio will receive a visit from the District Governor, who will critique the various clubs for the coming year of service.

This year’s governor for district 66-90 is Bart Mahoney. The governor is a liaison between Rotary International and all the clubs within the district and their presidents. Wednesday evening, Mahoney first ate dinner with the board and officers and then had a meeting with the general membership of the Zanesville daybreak rotary club.

"Our committee chairs will be giving reports on their committees, their goals and objectives for the year and then the Governor will be back tomorrow morning at our regular meeting and he will critique our club, give us suggestions on what we are doing and our plans for the year," said Zanesville Daybreak Rotary President, William Porter.

Without giving too much away of Mahoney’s official address, the Governor, who is from Granville, says Daybreak has embraced him and he tries to spend as much time as he can in Zanesville.

"So they will hear me talking about networking,” said Mahoney. “I want to see us do more business with Rotarian’s. They are also going to hear me talk about the family of rotary, how important it is. If you are a parent and you grow up understanding service, your children will understand and will grow up understanding the same. So those are two basic focus for this year."

Mahoney says he has been very busy traveling from club to club recently but says his one year term as governor is extremely gratifying.