Zanesville Transportation Supervisor Talks Bus Safety

by Courtney Wheaton on August 19, 2013 at 6:42 am

With some students already in class, school bus safety is at the forefront of conversation.

Transportation Supervisor for Zanesville City Schools, Bryan Carling says that sometimes people forget to pay attention to basic signs that could save the life of a child.

"What the general public needs to look our for is when they see those red lights on the bus. First the warning lights will come on, the yellow, then soon as they see the red lights come on, know that kids are coming to the bus and you need to really make sure to pay attention," said Carling

Carling also wants parents to talk with their children about how they should behave on the bus and learn proper procedures that help keep the bus ride running smoothly.

"Things to pay attention to are sitting in the seat properly and the way you do that is you have your bottom to the bottom and your back to the back," said Carling.

Students are also encouraged to wait for signals from bus drivers and look both ways before crossing the street. The Zanesville City Schools have accrued seven new buses throughout the last three years to ensure that children are riding in style.