4-H Students Show Off Their Rabbits At The Guernsey Co. Fair

by Mackenzie Stasko on September 13, 2013 at 6:36 am

Shania May is part of the 4-H Cousin’s Club and she spent Friday showing off her Port Polish rabbits in the rabbit hut. Although this is May’s first year showing, she knows a lot all thanks to YouTube. It’s also Cody Harding’s first year showing for the Leatherwood Valley 4-H Club. He won first place in his showing and says holding the rabbit close to you is key.

"Holding it by it’s ears and flipping it over; that’s how you communicate with it and just tell it to calm down and relax," said May.

Harding said, "You keep them close to your body and you check to make sure they have good shoulders."

All of the rabbits and their owners received help from the 2013 Junior Fair Rabbit Ambassador, Kaitlynn Hodges, who at one time had 50 rabbits.

"As rabbit ambassador, I go around and make sure all the kids have help and I make sure that if they have any questions, they’re getting answered and I help give out awards," said Hodges.

The rabbits along with other fair animals will be on display until Saturday night, which is the last day of the Guernsey County Fair.