An Unlikely Source Helps Cancer Patients

by Katie McGraw on September 26, 2013 at 7:35 am

Small Cell Lung Cancer is considered a non curable malignancy and it is a rarity for individuals in their thirties and forties to be diagnosed with this type of cancer. So it came as a surprise when Micah Vensil’s persistent cough was more than just a cold.

"It’s the worst lung cancer you can get I think,” said Micah.

“It’s the worst you get,” added Micah’s wife, Angie. “It’s the cancer you don’t want.”

“It’s from smoking cigarettes," Micah said.

Micah was in the hospital May 5th, received his diagnosis and started treatment of both radiation and chemotherapy at Genesis Cancer Services.

"I think we are able to, and have provided him, with the best possible care for the cancer that he has,” said Micah’s Doctor, Shyemal Bastola. “In a timely matter, with a personalized compassion and care that we like to provide locally here."

Micah and Angie’s three children were devastated by the diagnosis, but eventually they tried to take their father’s illness in stride, with a positive attitude. By the time the Muskingum County Fair rolled around, the siblings had made a generous decision.

"When we first went up there, we handed a letter to the auctioneer, and he read it out loud,” said Wyatt Vensil.

“It said that we were going to donate 50% of our check to Genesis Cancer Services, in honor of our dad," said Ashton Vensil, the brains behind the operation.

This caused quite a reaction. More than thirty buyers purchased their pig, for nearly $5,000, much more than the average hog would go for. Tuesday afternoon, the children gave a $2,400 check to Genesis Cancer Services, in order to thank Genesis for the care they have provided for their dad and to help other families going through the same thing.

"It will go towards things like medications, transportation, smoking cessation,” said Registered Nurse and Nurse Navigator at Genesis Cancer Services, Carrie Lee.

"They just got together and decided to put it upon themselves to do it, and when they got up and told the auctioneer, I was even in shock,” said Angie. “Very proud," the mother of three added. 

As for Micah’s prognosis?  "The tumor is gone,” he said.

“And we don’t smoke,” Angie added.

The siblings plan to make this a tradition at the fair every year. Although Micah’s tumor is gone and he is in remission, he will continue to remain under the watchful eye of his physicians at Genesis Healthcare.