Attacks on 9/11 Remembered Locally

by Courtney Wheaton on September 9, 2013 at 12:53 pm

Community members gathered at the Muskingum County Courthouse on Sunday to say a prayer for those lost during the attacks on September 11th.

This is the fourth Patriot Day for the Muskingum County’s branch of Cry Out America. The national program was created the year after the attacks by the American Awakening Alliance and people join at courthouses around the nation in remembrance.

"You’ll expect either 12 speakers who will be praying or talking about 9/11 and remembering the fallen, praying for the nation and just encouraging people together in faith. We believe that we can turn this nation around," said Event Coordinator, Amy Moore.

Moore says that events like this are more important than ever with the current state of affairs happening in America.

" Even with what we have been witnessing recently like Benghazi and the Boston Marathon, terrorism is with us. It’s not something I think we are ever going to have to put to sleep, " said Moore.

Some cities had their presentation on Sunday, while others will wait until Wednesday to pay their respect to the fallen.