Nichole Hannahs

Auditor’s Office Looks at New Software

by Nichole Hannahs on September 19, 2013 at 9:51 am

New software creates a way for Muskingum County to work more efficiently.

The County Auditor met with Commissioners to talk about new payroll and accounting software. Auditor Debra Nye said the hardware in their office is now 25 years or older. The plan is to relocate software support to ISSG in Springboro, Ohio to cut down on complications and breakdowns when it comes to printing payroll checks.

"We were down for three days. An operating system went down and we actually had to get some software from Colorado and they sent it to us by internet, so we could get up and running," explained Debra Nye.

The auditor’s office will pay for the cost of the software support.

Another way the auditor’s office is saving is by working with a software vendor in Lancaster, Ohio so their office and outside vendors can go online and generate dog licenses.

"I calculated that last year we used about 168 hours in input data entry. This time if everyone is online with our agents and our office we will only have to touch that dog license one time," said Nye.

By putting dog licenses online it will also allow the auditor’s office to generate a list of dog owners in the county and e-mail or call them when their license is close to expiration.

If a dog passes away you can also notify the auditor’s office so they can remove your dog from the system.

The auditor hopes to have the new software in place by November.