Bidding Process For Street Repavement

by Mackenzie Stasko on September 30, 2013 at 7:45 am

During two brief meetings on Monday, the Muskingum County Commissioner’s received bids from Neff Paving and Shelly and Sands to start construction on a few roads in the county that are in "poor condition."

"There was a bid opening today for 200 Willis Drive in the Village of South Zanesville and the commissioner’s took those bids under advisement," said Muskingum County Community Development Director Sheila Samson.

Neff Paving gave a bid of $40,161 and Shelly and Sands bid $42,266. The two companies were also bidding on construction in Philo.

"There’s various streets. A portion of 3rd Street, a portion of 4th Street and a portion of 5th Street.The two bids for that was Neff Paving for $71,996 and Shelly and Sands for $65,000."

Samson said the commissioner’s will likely choose a contractor by Thursday and says work on the roads is required to be started within 15 days.