Celebrating Levi’s 1st Birthday

by Mackenzie Stasko on September 30, 2013 at 11:53 am

Dozens of people stopped by Kidzville on Monday to celebrate a little boy named Levi. Levi passed away on August 21 of this year from Leigh’s Syndrome, a form of Mitochondrial Disease, disease his aunt says affects 1 in 40,000 children. The party wasn’t just a way to celebrate Levi’s life, but to help raise awareness and money for a cure.

"He had a long journey of course. And we don’t know why he was sent here on this Earth of course God doesn’t give us that information," said Cathy Sorensen, Levi’s aunt. "But we’re gonna try and benefit and use it hopefully finding a cure or at least medications to help other kids with Leigh Syndrome or Mitochondrial Disease."

Levi’s mother was diagnosed with the same genetic disease and since Levi’s birth one year ago, Sorenson said his mother’s health has declined. Levi’s family has made it their mission to raise $10,000 for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation and so far, they’ve raised $3,300. To help reach their goal, they’re holding a fundraiser at Tumbleweed.

"Tumbleweed has an event where they’re donating 10-15% to the Mitochondrial Foundation. If you go in on October 10th and present the coupon, and actually we’ll have the coupon on his Facebook page. You can go in and print that off and that way you can take the coupon and present it and 10-15% go in. "

All of the money raised will go to the UMDF. If they reach $10,000, Levi will get his own page on www.umdf.org