Chalk Drawings Take Over East Muskingum Schools

by Courtney Wheaton on September 28, 2013 at 11:46 am

A local school district hosted their 25th Annual Chalk on the Walk event.

More than 100 chalk drawings were entered into East Muskingum’s annual art contest. Students ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade submitted their most creative pieces of work to be judged. 7th grader at East Muskingum Middle School and 1st place winner for his age group , Christian Milleson, loves to play the violin, which inspired his musical drawing.

"I started out making it realistic, and then it turned into a cartoon so I went with that idea, " said Milleson.

Milleson says he has not planned his drawing for next year, but is excited to participate one more time before aging out. He also wants to thank the school for putting on the event.

" I am happy that they allow the kids to get creative and I am happy for the other kids and how they win and yay," said Milleson.

At the contest, The PanJGea Steel Drum group from East Muskingum played popular Beetles and Lion King tunes for entertainment. The East Muskingum Endowment Fund made the event possible.