Genesis Strives To Prevent Breast Cancer

by Mackenzie Stasko on September 25, 2013 at 7:43 am

Genesis Healthcare System is getting the word out about breast cancer prevention.

Genesis’ Breast Cancer Care Center was recently given an accreditation by the National Breast Association for the third year in a row and they want the community to know, with more and more women being diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age, the need for prevention and awareness about the disease is increasing.

"October as we all know is the pink month and the month that we really want to reach out and help educate and create awareness for breast cancer," said Marketing & Media Relations Manager Holly Voltz. "Letting people know about early detection and also about the treatment options they have available."

One of the best things for women 40 years and older to do to be proactive is to get their yearly mammogram which uses x-rays to detect cancer. Starting at age 20, women should start at home breast exams, checking for lumps or changes in the breast.

"Individuals with the self breast exam starting at age 20 and continuing on with screening mammograms as needed," said Director of Oncology Services Sharon Parker. "But definitely starting that on an annual basis at age 40. And really with the self breast exams is looking at is there any abnormality and reacting to that and seeking out their healthcare provider or primary care physician at least initially."

According to the Susan g. Komen website, breast cancer is the leading cause of death by cancer in women ages 20 to 49. And although breast cancer in men is rare, it can happen. You can call the Genesis Breast Care Center if you have any questions or you can go online to ww5.Komen.Org