Girl Power Invades Dillon State Park

by Courtney Wheaton on September 8, 2013 at 7:34 am

The Girl Scouts took over Dillon State Park for their 2013 Friends and Fun Day.

Girls were able to try their hand at archery while others sampled items from their food catalog. There were different activities going on throughout the park for the community to get involved in.

"We also have these things called swaps where they do little activities for everybody. We also have field day games like egg carry, three legged race, ring toss and then we also have a first aid skill-a-thon," said Event Coordinator, Kymm Stone.

The girls had a chance to earn badges on Saturday, but Stone says the event is really a way for them to reintroduce the girl scouts to the public.

"We want to increase girl scout membership, maybe make the community a little bit more aware of the girl scouts. We want them to see what we do, that it’s not just the cookies and selling crafts and stuff like that. We do other projects like community service and archery, " said Stone.

Stone says once the girls reach a higher rank, they can apply for college scholarships through the organization. Membership to join the girl scouts this year is $15.