Health Department Says Get Vaccinated

by Courtney Wheaton on September 6, 2013 at 6:52 am

The Zanesville Muskingum County Health Department wants adults to remember to get their vaccinations.

According to Epidemiologist Kristen Baker, children are usually immunized until they reach 18 years of age, but she says it’s important to continue to receive immunizations throughout adulthood. Many of the vaccines wear off over time leaving people susceptible to disease.

"We might not get the diseases and they might not affect adults as much as they affect children, but we are around children and children are more susceptible to diseases.If we vaccinate ourselves and keep ourselves healthy, we in turn are keeping our children and an at risk population healthy too, " said Baker.

She also notes that people who are traveling out the country should get vaccinations because they can bring diseases such as Measles back home with them. Baker warns the public against common misconceptions relating to receiving immunization.

"There’s been studies that have linked immunizations to things such as as Autism, and they have since found that is untrue and there has been more and more research to show that is untrue, "said Baker.

The health department suggests that people set up appointments for their seasonal flu vaccine and Pertussis vaccine because cases of whooping cough has increased in the local area. For more information you can visit the health department on their website at or like them on Facebook.