Hunting Season In Muskingum County

by Mackenzie Stasko on September 24, 2013 at 6:34 am

Archery Season officially starts this Saturday in Ohio. But this year, the deer limit has changed. Kathy McCann, owner of the Dillon Falls Store says this year, hunters can kill one buck and just three does in Muskingum County. On October 12, the Antlerless Deer Muzzleloader Season starts.

"That is for doe only. So be sure when you go out on those two days, everyone needs to be wearing orange because there are, muzzleloaders will be used that day," said McCann. "So if you’re out bow hunting, everyone needs to be wearing orange on October the 12th and 13th. And only kill a doe."

Another rule change is you can have no more than three either-sex permits, which cost $24 each and no more than one antler-less permit, which are $15 dollars and are only valid through December 1. That means, if you plan on starting your hunting season after December 1, you’re going to have to pay the extra cost for the same-sex permit.

"Be sure and get a regulation book, read the rules. If you have questions feel free to call and ask and be safe. Lesson 101 from hunting education course is plan your hunt and hunt your plan. That means be sure and tell someone maybe what your plan is for hunting and if something was to go wrong, then they would know to maybe go start looking for you or call for help."

You can go online to for more information or stop by the Dillon Falls Store for more information.