Increased Police Presence During 5th Street Project

by Mackenzie Stasko on September 9, 2013 at 8:44 am

The 5th Street Project is underway and there are a lot of drivers failing to fully stop at stop signs, according to Director of Public Safety Fred Buck and Mayor Jeff Tilton.

"We do have to take down the signals at 5th and Market and 5th and South," said Buck. "We’re gonna leave them up as long as possible because people aren’t used to traffic signals. But the stop sign means the same. So it’ll be a three way stop both ways."

Buck says a mobile messaging board will be posted to make drivers aware of the change. Drivers will see more police patrolling the area and says they can expect a ticket if they don’t stop.

In other council news, council passed a traffic order making Sevall Street one-way south from Fess Street to Pine Street. With recent requests from people in the area to change the direction of the narrow street, Buck himself went to discuss the issue with residents.

"I went over and knocked on doors and I have talked to several people. The last one I was looking for, I finally saw last Tuesday and he was happy that we were doing it. He had a lot of trouble getting out of his driveway. So it should make it a lot easier for him and he said there’s been a lot of close accidents there."

Sevall Street is in close proximity to Zane Grey Elementary. Buck says the change will make it safer not only for residents but students as well.