Kiwanis’ Peanut Sale is Right Around the Corner!

by Katie McGraw on September 25, 2013 at 7:50 am

The biggest fundraiser for Kiwanis Club is their annual peanut sale and the long standing tradition is right around the corner!

On October 4th and 5th, at both of the Zanesville Riesbeck’s stores, the intersection of Maple and Brandywine and the intersection of Maple and Bell, there will be Kiwanis members and four area high school Key Clubs selling the salty snack.

"Kiwanis is a very kid oriented organization, so a lot of our programs that we do, help the children,” said Immediate Past President, Kevin Pinson. “For example, we have our Little Free Library, to get books into kids hands, we also have an annual Christmas party, for kids who have had a tough year and need a little extra Christmas cheer."

Kiwanis also paints World and United States maps on school playgrounds for geography lessons for teachers and sponsors the Special Riders Programs with The Carr Center. Pinson believes the investment of funds right back into the community is what makes this such a popular tradition. This year’s goal is an impressive $16,000.

"The street sale is half of the sale, the other half is we do a corporate sale. So we have been going out to businesses and selling them peanuts by the case, so we’ve gotten quite a bit of support. We are just over $9,000 raised already, so we are thinking about $10,000 from the corporate sale and $6,000 from the street sale."

There is no set price for the peanuts, Kiwanis just asks supporters to make a donation to the club and receive a few bags of peanuts in return.