Local Ministry Helps Rebuild Haiti

by Courtney Wheaton on September 9, 2013 at 12:50 pm

A local church hosted a concert for a ministry whose mission is to help the Haitian people rebuild their lives.

Coburn United Methodist Church in partnership with Pure Heart and Max Plus Ministries sang spiritual songs to raise funds for families in Haiti. Max Plus Ministries builds homes in the impoverished areas of the country and aid in building their economy.

"The stuff that is on the table is handmade by Haitian people. They take basic garbage and different pieces of metal and create crafts and things for your home and that money goes straight to them, and for some of them that is the only means of income, " said Co-Founder, Lonnie Maley.

Maley says the congregation at Coburn United Methodist has fully embraced the project and this support has positively effected the Haitian community.

" Their response is awesome. They love it when we come around and just our presence sometimes gives them hope. Not necessarily the money or what we do, it’s just to give them a hug and to love on their kids and to know someone else cares, " said Maley.

If you want to participate in a mission group or send money to the organization you can visit Max Plus Ministries online.