Local Woman Celebrates 101st Birthday

by Courtney Wheaton on September 26, 2013 at 8:01 am

A special resident at the Adams Lane Care Center celebrates her 101st birthday.

Margaret Bole brought in her special day with her two daughters, a granddaughter and a large group of her friends at the center. Bole’s daughter says her mother had quite a few secrets when it came to staying youthful.

"She never went out in the sun a lot, and she eats anything and everything," said Betty Clayton. She likes junk food, but she also likes really good food to eat. "

Bole also loves the country, she grew up in East Fultonham for most of her life, where she enjoyed farming, horse riding and homemaking. Bole is also a survivor of the flood of 1913, at just six  months old she was thrown out of the second floor of building into a row boat for safety.

"I think she is just thankful to be here, and she can’t believe that she’s 101, and she says I’m not that old, " said Clayton.

At her celebration, Bole enjoyed plenty of cake, a card, and a special present that the staff at Adams Lane Care Center pitched in to give to her.