Man Sentenced For Menacing Women And Children

by Mackenzie Stasko on September 4, 2013 at 5:16 am

Captain Tony Coury says an undercover police officer arrested 83-year-old Russell Smith of Roseville Tuesday afternoon. Smith was convicted of 1 count of menacing and Judge William Joseph sentenced Smith to 90 days in jail. Coury says Smith wasn’t trying to grab anyone, but possibly attempting to "entice" someone into his car.

In 2012, the police department started receiving calls about a man following people in the Ridge Avenue area. Coury says the department also received complaints about a man stalking children at school bus stops and the Saturday morning farmer’s market.

The complaints went away during the summer, but started back up again with the start of the new school year. Coury says detectives made a stop at Smith’s house in Roseville last year, but didn’t have enough evidence to arrest him at the time.