Man Struck By Truck

by Katie McGraw on September 25, 2013 at 11:41 am

A man is in critical condition, after being struck by a pick-up truck, around 8 Wednesday evening.

According to Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant Melanie Appleman, a 1995 red Chevy was traveling northwest on Pinkerton Lane, when it struck a pedestrian walking in the same direction. The driver of the truck, has initially reported to police, that the pedestrian was in roadway in dark clothing.

"We are going to continue to talk to him, we are compiling a substantial amount of witness statements,” said Appleman. “We are going to talk to him and we are going to analyze the truck and make sure everything is okay with that. Then we are also going to get a statement from both, hopefully with the witness, that was immediately behind the pick up truck, and the pick up truck driver. We will proceed based on what the remaining of the investigation shows and what the statements show."

Appleman says the pedestrian, who’s name has yet to be released, was about 60 years old, had substantial head injuries and is in very critical condition. He was taken by medflight to Grant Medical Center. His current status is not known. Appleman says there is still a lot of information to be gathered to decipher who was at fault.

"I’m not certain on that yet,” she said. “We’ve got obviously a lot of pieces to put together, especially where he was coming from and where he was going, so we still have a lot to look at but we will keep you guys up to date on anything that we come up with."

Appleman says rescue was on scene within minutes and there was a registered nurse tending to the patient when they arrived. The accident remains under investigation.