Missing Hunter Found on Route 83 in Coshocton

by Courtney Wheaton on September 30, 2013 at 5:08 am

What was supposed to be a fun filled hunting trip turned turned into a nightmare for one man when he got lost in the woods.

Timothy Miller and his brother- in- law, Scott decided to take the two and half hour drive from Cleveland to Coshocton to hunt deer on Sunday evening, when Scott became tired, Miller decided to stay in the woods and hunt a little bit longer. Miller was making his way out of the woods when it became dark, his phone died and he lost direction.

"I was very scared, especially when I talked to him at 9:35 p.m.," said his soon to be wife, Tamara Keener. He said I’m working my way around the pond and I’m on the edge of a cliff and the phone call got lost. I was really scared."

A search party was formed Sunday night and they searched for Miller until it became dangerous. Monday Morning at around 7 a.m. the search party resumed even sending a K-9 unit and out to sniff his trail. Authorities say Miller was two steps ahead of them and came out of woods walking towards the side of the road when a passerby notified everyone that he was okay.

"It sounds like what ended up happening, he kept thinking he was running into the same lake," said Conesville Fire Department’s Assistant Chief, Ty Stewart. He wasn’t familiar with the area, as it turned out he was running into multiple lakes as he was progressing out of the woods. "

Miller says that he eventually curled up by a tree and had a good nights rest. He is already planning his next hunting trip in Georgia since he says  this trip was a waste.

"I didn’t even see a deer,’ said Miller. That’s a little disappointing after the walk I took."

First thing tomorrow morning Miller’s fiancé plans to buy a hand help GPS.

Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office, Volunteers, and Conesville Fire Department Assisted on the scene.