National Text and Drive Campaign

by Courtney Wheaton on September 19, 2013 at 10:13 am

As a part of AT&T’s It Can Wait Campaign, students gathered at the OUZ campus for National Drive 4 Pledges Day.

The program aims to have students all over the country sign a life time commitment vowing to never text while on the roadway. The campaign also wants to bring awareness to the dangers and consequences of texting while driving.

"You are 23 time more likely to be in an accident if you’re texting and driving," said External Affairs Director for AT&T Ohio, B.J. Smith. So really the message is very simple when it comes to texting and driving it can wait."

Students watched a film by documentarian, Werner Herzog that depicted four scenarios dealing with people who have either texted while driving or have been the victim of someone who has.

" There is a person in the video who forgives the person who caused the death of her loved one," said Smith. That’s part of the story of both the victim and the families coming together after such a horrible accident. "

To stop these type of accidents people can download an AT&T cell phone app called "Drive Mode" that deters drivers from checking their phone while operating a vehicle. For more information and to take the pledge visit the It Can Wait website at