New Concord Fire Chief Honored with Prestigious Award

by Katie McGraw on September 23, 2013 at 6:40 am

Every year, a select few fire service members, across the state of Ohio, are honored for their outstanding accomplishments in firefighting.

The individuals recognized by the Ohio Fire Service Hall of Fame, received Ohio’s highest firefighting honors. For 2013, The Instructor of the Year was New Concord Fire Chief, Brent Gates, who was humbled by the award.

"I can honestly say, that in the state of Ohio, there is an extreme amount of very good fire instructors out there, or in Muskingum County, there are several fire instructors that deserve this award, more or as much as I did," Gates said.

The 37 year New Concord fire veteran, is an involved instructor, educating through several entities such as the Ohio Fire Academy. Gates says he wouldn’t be where he is at today if it wasn’t for his own teachers.

"You can remember the instructors you have and what these instructors instill in you and you see what they are doing and they encourage you to be an instructor, so you get involved, and being in the fire service is about being involved."

The awards were presented at a ceremony last Wednesday by the Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal, The State Fire Council Chairman and The Training Committee.