Older Drivers are the Safest Drivers

by Katie McGraw on September 10, 2013 at 1:48 am

New research has been released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. They looked at crash rates for all drivers during a fifteen year period. Their findings were the number of crashes per miles driven has actually decreased and more so for the older drivers.

Meaning drivers 65 years and older are actually the safest drivers on the road. They are less likely to speed, drink and drive and more likely to wear their seatbelt. However, not all of the findings are positive for older drivers.

AAA’s Spokesperson, Kimberly Schwind said, "Despite the fact that older drivers are much safer drivers, they actually have the highest rate of death when they are involved in crashes and that’s largely because of their inability to survive a crash because of age related conditions."

According to Schwind, 90% of people age 65 or older have age related condittions that can inhibit their driving, such as arthritis or diminished vision. However, what most are unaware of, is many vehicles are now coming with features to help those with various conditions in order to help with driving, comfort and safety.

"There’s also this new guide that we came out with in 2008 and we recently updated the smart features for older drivers, which will actually list out all the different vehicle features, thats older drivers should be looking for, to tailor towards their specific health needs", Schwind said.

If you are an older driver or are the family member of one, this guide can help facilitate safer driving for longer. Even more resources can be found at AAA’s website.