Plans for Historic Downtown Building

by Katie McGraw on September 11, 2013 at 8:41 am

What to do with an abandoned property on Market Street was the main topic of discussion at the Community Improvement Corporation Wednesday evening.

Members discussed a request for proposals, to purchase the historic building that is referred to as the passenger depot, that would house travelers from Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis.

"It is a building that is listed on the national register and it is owned by the City of Zanesville,” said Community Development Director, Stacy Clapper. “In that proposal, we will be asking for some very specific items about the intended use and the time frame in which for that to happened.”

It is the corporation’s hope, that the building will be used for something that will bring about community improvement and economic development to the downtown area.

“The proposal itself is still being finalized and approved by all the CIC members and then there will be a public information or realize or information in the media notifying everyone that that is available and any interested parties will be able to pick up a request for proposal and certainly there are some individuals who have already identified interest and they will receive that proposal."

The request for proposals will be ready in about a week, at which time more information will be released to WHIZ. Interested parties will have to submit the proposals back within sixty days and the CIC will accept or deny proposals within sixty days.