Possible Floodplain Permits

by Mackenzie Stasko on September 12, 2013 at 9:20 am

With the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s new focus on floodplain development activity and "no adverse impact," Muskingum County Floodplain Administrator Ray Mennega, said recreational vehicles and structures in the floodplains need a $50 permit.

"Now what does that mean? In Muskingum County, we have a lot of recreational vehicles that are located along the river and our regulations which were passed a few years ago require that these recreational vehicles have a permit for being in the floodplain," said Mennega.

The regulation for a permit has been in effect since 1988, it just hasn’t been enforced, according to Mennega.

"In the event that there’s a flood and a recreational vehicle or two floats down stream and causes problems for others, we want to be sure that we’re covered as far as them having a permit because the permit will require them to do certain things to be prepared for a flood."

From here, the commissioner’s will review everything discussed at Thursday’s meeting and get back to Mennega on what to do next.