Presenting the Winner of the Keep Kids In School Talent Contest

by Katie McGraw on September 10, 2013 at 8:47 am

On Sunday, several young performers from the CASS MIND Academy, danced, sang and even mimed in a competitive talent contest at the Buckingham House.

KKIS or Keep Kids in School, was the first talent competition for the academy, where donors provided school supplies for children who need them. A panel of four judges evaluated the contestants based on their stage presence, technical ability, costume, creativity and more.

"They were judged on criteria factors,” said CEO of CASS-MIND, Cassandra McDonald. “We do something a little bit different. I wanted to be very professional, so they had to actually speak, present themselves, tell who they were, tell something about themselves and what they were going to entertain with. That was part of the judging; your presentation, because I want them to understand to you have to represent. what you present. And present what you represent, so not only talent."

After a stiff competition, the judges selected the winner as, Cambridge High School senior, Matti Chrisman, because according to McDonald, she is a triple threat.

"I actually competed three times,” Chrisman said. “I sang with another dancer while she danced, I sang, and then I danced in a group number and then I performed on my own. I end up winning and it was really awesome, a lot of fun and I was blessed to have the opportunity to do it."

The grand prize for winning is a trip to New York City, which Matti will use to look at colleges. She hopes to attended NYU and major in musical theater and then move onto Broadway.