Nichole Hannahs

Progress at Genesis Bethesda

by Nichole Hannahs on September 30, 2013 at 7:41 am

The skyline of the north end of Zanesville sees changes and some new scenery is appearing.

The third week of August a tower crane with a 140 foot mast and 196 foot jib was brought in to assist in construction taking place on the Genesis Bethesda Campus. The crane can lift up to 22,000 pounds and will be used to lift air handling units, chillers and other materials to the upper floors of the new tower.

"It takes 20 trucks to bring it in. It takes a lot of logistics planning with the hospital. We planned for a month before we brought the crane in and so we had to stage in the back area where we’re stockpiling and where some other parking lots will be in the future," said Superintendent of New Tower Construction Charlie Bugglin.

Bugglin said once you see a tower crane on sight it’s a sign construction is going to speed up. A lot of the underground work is complete and now the crews will start building the structural decks. Those will be see by the end of October.

"It’s a very visible sign. You know when we were doing all the sight work you really you knew there was project taking place, but didn’t see anything coming out of the ground now we’re starting to see activity and they’re pouring the decks and the construction is really starting to move forward now," said Chief Development Officer Al Burns.

The project is on budget and will be completed by December 2014. It will house a pharmacy, data center and cardiac and cath labs.

Burns reminds visitors to the hospital to be cautious when traveling onto the campus. If you would like to see how construction is progressing log on to Genesis’ website.